Fabric softener for children's clothes, 45MR
CHANTE CLAIR Vert Baby hypoallergenic fabric softener for children's laundry Add 20 ml of baby fabric softener to keep your laundry soft and smelling good Suitable for washing all types of fabrics by hand or in the washing machine Concentrated...
Kids toothpaste Junior 6+, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Junior toothpaste. Age: 6 - 12 years The paste contains microRepair 15% (Liquid enamel), vitamin E and has a pleasant taste of natural fine mint. Without fluoride. It reliably protects and restores damaged enamel, carefully and delicately protects the...
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Capsules for children's laundry Bicarbonato, 20MR
CHANTE CLAIR Vert ECO Sensitive laundry detergent capsules. Unscented, Bicarbonate, Disinfectant. Concentrated formula with 100% plant-based surfactants. Hypoallergenic formula, dermatologically tested, tested for nickel, mercury, lead, cobalt and chromium. Not tested on animals and vegan friendly. 20 washes.
Fabric softener for children's clothes Sweet Talcum, 30WL
CHICCO Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener Fragrance: sweet talc Chicco fabric softeners refresh and soften all baby clothes without damaging fibers or colors and without irritating baby's sensitive skin Odor Off Technology - a new special formula that helps to effectively remove...
Capsules for washing children's laundry Sensitive, 16MR
CHICCO capsules for children's laundry Maximum efficiency even in cold water from 20°C Without dyes Does not irritate baby's delicate skin 16 washes Country of manufacture: Italy
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